Maintance Your Oxygen Concentrator

How to maintance your oxygen concentrator on a daily basis?

We have portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, they can provide oxygen therapy at home and on the go. Lifespans of oxygen concentrators vary, depending on several factors: how often you use your concentrator, whether you purchase your unit new or used, how frequently you service your unit and how well you maintain your concentrator.In general, oxygen concentrators last 3-5 years or
more when the unit is well maintained.

New VS Used Oxygen Concentrators

Although purchasing a new oxygen concentrator is a good idea, choosing a used unit sometimes provides a more affordable option. And some used units work just as well as new devices. Even though most health insurance companies won’t cover the used unit cost. However, if purchasing your unit without using insurance, a used concentrator can save you some money upfront.

Maintaining And Servicing Your Oxygen Concentrator

Proper service and maintenance help prolong the life of your concentrator. Fortunately, most portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and stationary Home Oxygen Concentrators (HOCs) only require minimal regular maintenance. The following tips are general guidelines.
1. Ensure it remains in a well-ventilated area, away from dust, dirt, and debris.
2. Keep the outside of your concentrator clean, wiping the unit down at least once per week.
3. Keeping your humidifier clean prevents the growth of bacteria and other germs.
4. The filter need to be replaced after 500-800 hours use.
5. Change your nasal cannula and tubing monthly.
6. If using a portable oxygen concentrator, quarterly run your battery until it drains and then fully recharge. This process prevents battery memory problems and ensures a longer battery life.